About Us

Project Finance and Consultants since 1999


Finance, Due Diligence Contracts, and more.  Global Opportunities sought - we have partners on every continent.

Wind, Solar, Power Storage, Hydro, Waste to Energy


We have been in business since 1999.  We understand what developers need, and what owners requirements are - plus all Contracts and Permits required in between.

Due Diligence done in 6 months - Contracts Signed


We  have NDA done and conference calls set up in 1-4 weeks.  We source your technology and finance requirements in less than 3 months.  Due Diligence and contracts up on table for signing in less than 6 months.  We get paid when you get paid ..... 1-5% Finders Fee, option to purchase shares acceptable compensation, and we will work on transactions 10 milion USD and up, however less than $2 billion USD preferred.